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What types of chemical peels are available in Indianapolis?

At Phases Skincare and Laser Center, we believe in creating customized solutions to fit our patient’s individual needs. That’s why chemical peels can be such a great fit for so many people!

Our peels range in depth from superficial to deep, and can even be layered together to address multiple issues at once.

A superficial peel is our lightest peel, as it typically does not result in a noticeable “peeling” effect. Also known as an alpha-hydroxy peel (consisting of lactic acid, salicylic acid, or glycolic acid) a light peel does not typically require significant downtime.

Our medium-depth chemical peel results in a dry, flaky skin peel. It’s also known as trichloroacetic acid (or TCA). A medium peel is effective for treating fine surface wrinkles, superficial blemishes, and pigment problems.

Our deepest peel produces a “sheet” peel effect, lasting up to five days. This may require more downtime but can treat concerns on a much deeper level.

Regardless of the depth of peel you choose, there are endless customizations we can make to this treatment in order to ensure the best possible outcome for you. During your consultation, our aesthetician will explain how a chemical peel works, and review the different types of chemical peels we can use to address your concerns.


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