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The science behind Skinprint.

The scientists who create Skinprint skincare products know YOUR skin is unique. They recognize that factors like your personal genetics, diet and environment should be considered when selecting the best skin care products for you. Additionally, they feel understanding the critical aspects of your skin at specific points in time allows for the development of targeted skin care products which will optimize the look and feel of your skin.

Forget what you know about traditional “customized” skin care. Rather than aiming for temporary, topical fixes, Skinprint focuses on the biochemistry of skin itself for lasting improvement. Based on “real time” condition of skin, Skinprint products and skin analysis in Indianapolis at Phases Skin Care and Laser Center prompt better skin performance and provides dramatic, measurable results.

Treatment Details

What it treats

  • Personalized treatment plan
  • Guides to more effective procedures
  • Measure the Skin’s biometrics
  • Customized product regimen



  • Female or Male
  • 13 or older

Procedure Time

1 hour


Recovery and Downtime

0 days

How it Works

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The information gathered from your Skinprint Analysis skin consultation in Indianapolis will educate you on the condition of your skin and how best to treat it. After your consultation with a Certified Skinprint Analyst, advice is given as to which products might improve the skin’s structure and appearance.

The Analyst meets with the Skinprint chemist to discuss formulation of products for the patient. Customized products are created to target your specific skin needs as well as recommended treatments to get to your ultimate goal. These products will be delivered directly to your home.

Look good. Feel your best.

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