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$300 - $1,785

Recovery Time

0-3 Days

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At Phases Skincare and Laser Center, our patients have trusted us to help revitalize their skin—and deliver beautiful results—for years.

Incorporating photofacials into your long-term care plan can help us target age spots, freckles, redness, small vessels, fine lines and wrinkles, acne, and more. This technique was created by Sciton, a world leader in laser and light technology. Forever Young BBL is one of the most versatile, popular treatments we have in our toolkit for keeping our patients looking youthful and refreshed.

When you book a photofacial with Phases at our Indianapolis office, your appointment will be preceded by an in-depth consultation to determine your needs. This allows us to discuss your skin type, your specific concerns, and the treatment area you’d like to address. We like to say that the Forever Young BBL is gentle enough for all skin types and sensitivities, but powerful enough to treat deeper skin concerns than a normal facial could.


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Treatment Details

What it treats

  • Pigment
  • Sun and Age Spots
  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Redness


Procedure Time

1 Hour to 1.5 Hours


  • Female or Male
  • 18 or older


Recovery and Downtime

0 to 3 days

How it Works

Book a consultation.

At Phases Skincare and Laser Center, consultations are where we truly get to know you. We’ll listen to all of your concerns, assess the current condition of your skin, and work with you to determine a treatment plan that fits your lifestyle and budget. From beginning to end, you’ll have our full attention and will be treated as a respected and valued guest of our office.





Photofacial results are largely dependent on your lifestyle, sun exposure, diet, and the use of effective skincare products before and after treatment. Therefore, results will vary based on the individual. However, you can generally expect an overall improvement in your skin’s tone and texture; the best results we see come from a series of three or more photofacials in Indianapolis.


Our team performs hundreds of photofacials every year. To help you extend your results even longer, we can help you personalize a skincare regimen and overall maintenance plan that will give your skin a beautiful, natural glow!

Look good. Feel your best.

Tell us your concerns using our instant online virtual consultation to discover which procedures may be best for you.


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