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Why You Should Get a Skin Analysis in Carmel

Your skin deserves a treatment plan that’s as individual as you are. 

Phases Skin Care & Laser Center has been serving patients for years in Indianapolis, Carmel, and the surrounding areas. Dr. Janet Turkle leads a wonderful and highly trained care team dedicated to serving each patient’s unique needs. 

We offer aesthetic procedures as well as skincare products to help you with your skin care goals.

As part of our initial consultation process, we offer skinprint analysis. Getting your skin analysis in Carmel is the perfect jumping off point for getting to know the individual intricacies of your skin, and we offer it right in our offices.

Normally, we would tell you to use our virtual consultation tool to determine whether you’re a candidate for a particular treatment. However, the skinprint analysis can be performed alongside any of our regular consultations! 

What is a Skinprint Analysis?

A Skinprint Skin Analysis is the first step in developing a personalized skin care regime that is based on the real time condition of your skin. 

In about an hour, our certified Skinprint Analyst will provide you with an in-depth evaluation of your skin’s biometrics, everything from texture, to color, to shape. 

Getting to know your skin on this level allows our expert providers to develop a treatment plan that is based on your actual skin.

We compare your skin’s current condition with your ideal skin. We discuss your goals and desires, and advise you on next steps to help you achieve a look you’ll love.

What happens next?

After your Skinprint Skin Analysis, we’re able to discuss the best products and procedures for you! The Skinprint process is not just about temporary topical fixes, but about getting to truly know your skin’s unique construction.

Your analyst meets with a Skinprint chemist to formulate personalized products based on the information gathered during your consultation. 

The best part? These products are delivered directly to your home!

Get to know your skin today

The team at Phases Skin Care & Laser Center is looking forward to meeting you and assisting with the beginning of your skin care journey! We offer many options for aesthetic procedures and are excited to help you have the skin of your dreams.

You deserve to have skin that you’re proud of and to have a system that works as hard as you do. Getting a skin analysis in Carmel is a great first step. Schedule your consultation today.

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