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Benefits of Visiting A Skin Clinic In Indianapolis

If you’ve never had professional skincare before, it’s normal to have questions about the process. Do I really need a skin specialist? Taking proper care of your skin is more involved than you might think.

Phases Skin Care and Laser Center is a premier med spa and skin clinic in Indianapolis and the surrounding areas. We dedicate ourselves to educating our patients both in and out of the office when it comes to caring for their skin.

Considering professional skincare treatments for the first time? Here are some benefits of finding a skin clinic near you.

10 Reasons to Visit a Skin Clinic 

1. Personalized treatment

Your skin is as unique as you are! It deserves to have a treatment plan that reflects its specific needs. When you visit our skin clinic in Indianapolis, you can receive a Skinprint Skin Analysis as part of your in-depth skincare consultation.

In about an hour, our certified analyst can provide you with an in-depth evaluation of your skin’s real-time biometrics. Getting to know your skin at this level makes it possible to personalize your skin treatment to your skin’s unique chemistry!

2. See results sooner

When you’re caring for your skin at home, it can be overwhelming to know exactly what your skin needs and frustrating when you’re not getting the results you want. 

With the help of a skincare specialist, you can get targeted treatment and see results sooner than you would on your own. While results from skincare treatments can take time, knowing that you’re making progress the whole time.

3. Feel more confident

Taking care of your skin has physical and mental health benefits. Regular, professional care at a skin clinic can help your skin look and feel better than ever before. Plus, you’ll get a little mood boost knowing you’re doing something good for yourself by taking care of your skin.

Imagine what it’ll feel like to not worry about acne or sun damage. You’ll always be able to put your best face forward!

4. Turn back time

Humans are living longer than ever but our skin hasn’t quite caught the evolutionary memo. Caring for your skin regularly can help address (and prevent!) several common signs of aging. 

Whether you’re looking to get rid of wrinkles and fine lines or to prevent them in the first place, a regular visit to our skin clinic in Indianapolis can help.

Phases Skin Care and Laser Center offers a variety of anti-aging treatments. Turkle & Associates offers Botox, filler, and other injectables at our surgical center, as well.

5. Learn how to take care of your skin

Not only can a skin specialist provide you with clinical treatments to address your concerns in the office, they can educate you on things like your at-home skincare routine, too! 

Taking care of your skin is just as much about your daily habits as it is about the occasional med spa treatment. If you want to maintain your results, you need to level up your at-home game too.

Our professional aestheticians at Phases Skin Care and Laser Center are always happy to make product recommendations. 

Get started with our skincare quiz.

6. Expert care

A skin specialist can provide expert insight into your skin and the best ways to care for it. They’ve trained for years in how to diagnose and treat a variety of skin concerns and can tailor your treatment to your specific needs.

They can help you tell the difference between dry skin and eczema or hyperpigmentation and melasma. A skincare professional can also give you peace of mind by routinely screening for things like skin cancer.

7. Address multiple concerns

Whether you’re interested in custom acne treatments, full facial rejuvenation, or custom facials, our suite of treatments can address your concerns. Many of the treatments we offer at our skin clinic in Indianapolis treat multiple conditions at the same time.

Even if you have multiple skin concerns that you want to address, getting expert advice can streamline the process. 

You can trust that the treatments you get at our skin clinic in Indianapolis are truly targeted to your concerns and you will see results.

8. Medical-grade products

Do medical-grade products really make that much of a difference? Short answer: yes! But you can only get them from a licensed provider. 

Medical-grade skincare products have a higher percentage of active ingredients, which leads to better results. They’re also held to higher standards of safety by the FDA. More potent ingredients also means you don’t have to use as much, which makes them last longer than your over-the-counter products, too!

9. Professional-grade treatments

There are a lot of over-the-counter products and devices available promising to be the next thing that solves all your skin issues. But, products that are available outside of a medical office are necessarily less effective in order to make them safer for the general user. 

Plus, there are certain treatments that just can’t be replicated at home. Visiting a skin clinic gives you access to treatments like deep laser resurfacing and microneedling and the professional-grade results they can provide.

10. On-going support

Our skin changes as we age, it’s a fact. One of the best benefits of regularly visiting a skin clinic in Indianapolis is that you can develop a relationship with your provider. 

You’ll receive ongoing support and be able to look forward to expert care from your skin care specialist, regardless of what changes your skin experiences.

What to look for in a skin clinic in Indianapolis

Finding a quality skin clinic may require doing a little research. These are some noteworthy trust signals:

Overseen by a plastic surgeon

A med spa or skin clinic that’s overseen by a board-certified plastic surgeon is your best option. Plastic surgeons are trained in surgical and non-surgical treatments, meaning you’ll get the best direction and tailored recommendations.

Variety of treatment options

A skin clinic should have a variety of treatment options available in order to accommodate customized treatment plans. You’ll want to be sure to choose a provider that offers treatments that will address your needs.

In-depth consultation process

The benefits of visiting a skin clinic are rooted in a thorough, comfortable skincare consultation. You want a provider who is willing to take the time to get to know you, and your goals, as well as examine your skin before recommending treatments. 

What to expect during a consultation at a skin clinic in Indianapolis

The content of your consultation will reflect your unique desires and goals for your skin.

A conversation with your aesthetician

You’ll get the chance to talk with an expert provider about your skin concerns. This is a great time to ask any questions you may have. 

Be prepared to discuss:

  • Your skin conditions and symptoms
  • Your goals for treatment
  • Any current skincare products you use
  • Medications you take
  • Allergies
  • Diet
  • Medical history and any previous treatments

Skin assessment

At Phases Skin Care and Laser Center, we recommend that our patients opt for a Skinprint Skin Analysis as part of their consultation. Understanding the biometrics of your skin in real time allows us to develop customized skincare products designed to treat your unique profile.

Rather than providing temporary, topical fixes, Skinprint focuses on the critical aspects of your skin itself for lasting improvement.

Treatment recommendations

After we’ve finished assessing your skin, we’ll recommend products and treatments we know will help you reach your goals. You can schedule a skin consultation even if you don’t have a specific treatment in mind! 

We always build customized treatment plans for each of our patients. Plus, our aestheticians are always happy to make skincare product recommendations for your at-home routine.

No matter where you are in your skincare journey, we’re here to help you look and feel your best!

Book your skincare consultation at Phases Skin Care and Laser Center! 

Ready to start taking better care of your skin? Nothing replaces coming in for a professional skincare consultation with one of our trained aestheticians at Phases Skin Care and Laser Center. We can provide you with personalized recommendations for products and targeted non-surgical treatments based on your unique skin.

We’re proud to be a premier med spa and skin clinic in Indianapolis, and we serve patients from around the country.

Schedule your consultation

Don’t forget to try our skincare quiz to help you start building your at-home skincare routine from the comfort of your own home!

Take the Quiz

Interested in our aesthetic procedures? You can use our virtual consultation tool to explore all of our cosmetic offerings. It lets you self-select your areas of interest and receive customized treatment recommendations right to your inbox!

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