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Skinprint Revive Clarifying Serum™



Skinprint Revive Clarifying Serum™ is lightweight, oil-free serum targets multiple root causes of acne-prone skin. Tames inflammation, bacteria and excess oil to purify, and calm the cycle of inflammation for a bright, clear complexion.

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Features & Benefits

Minimizes and reduces oil output on skin’s surface

Non-irritating formula calms skin and reduces redness, irritation and inflammation

Controls bacteria on skin

Helps prevent acne breakouts

Key Ingredients

NEW blend of two oil-controlling ingredients (5-alpha reductase inhibitors)

With Farnesol, which has a natural bacteriostatic effect

Vitamins C & E to fight free radicals

Low-level non-irritating Retinol

Low-level salicylic acid to fight inflammation

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Apply 2 pumps to entire face after cleansing. Use both morning and evening.

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