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BOTOX Cosmetic, Max Purchase 100 units – GNO 2020 Sale!


GNO 2020 Sale

– purchase up to 50 units at $9.50 per unit (regularly $12 per unit) or 51-100 at $9.00 per unit or qualify to purchase 100 units at $8.75 per unit with additional $1500 purchase of other products or services from Turkle & Associates. (Max purchase 100 units).  If you qualify for the $8.75 per unit price, you will be automatically credited the difference once your order is processed. 


  • ALLERGAN ADD-ON– Purchase a HA5 2oz for $99 (regularly $169.50) with any Allergan purchase


Regularly $12 per unit, 


Girls’ Night Out Special. All sales are final. No refunds.

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