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Latisse Eyelash Enhancer 5ml Kit


Eye Care
LATISSE, the amazing eyelash growth serum, is the first and only FDA approved treatment to enhance short, thin, inadequate or insufficient eyelashes. Daily use of LATISSE will thicken, lengthen and darken your eyelashes!
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Get beautiful, lush lashes with LATISSE!

Great eyelashes don’t just happen overnight, so it’s important to note the LATISSE solution works gradually and remarkably – with full results at week 16. To get the best results from LATISSE, you must continue to use it each night and follow the directions on the box. If you stop using LATISSE at any time, your eyelashes will return to their previous appearance over several weeks to months.


Read all instructions prior to using LATISSE.

Some important does and don’ts

Do not apply to the lower lid or in the eye and blot excess solution with a tissue.
Only use the sterile applicators supplied with LATISSE to apply the product.
Don’t allow the tip of the bottle or applicator to touch fingers or any other unintended surface, as contamination by common bacteria is known to cause infections.
Remove contact lenses prior to applying LATISSE. Contact lenses may be reinserted 15 minutes afterwards.
Remember, if you stop using LATISSE, lashes will gradually return to their previous appearance.

More questions about Latisse Eyelash Enhancer 5ml Kit? We’ll be happy to help!

Feel free to email us here using our quick contact form to learn more or, during regular office hours, you can call us at 317-848-8101. Either way, one of our licensed medical aestheticians at Turkle & Associates’ on-site skincare facility, Phases Skin Care & Laser Center will give you the help you need!

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