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close up of patient receiving a medical grade facial in Indianapolis


Clear Your Skin With A Melasma Facial In Indianapolis

Can a facial truly work as a melasma treatment? Yes, yes it can! There’s a key difference between spa facials vs medical-grade facials. While a spa facial can help you relax, medical facials provide targeted ingredients and advanced techniques designed to truly address skin issues like melasma.

At Phases Skin Care and Laser Center, we have multiple treatments that could serve as the best melasma facial in Indianapolis.

Treating melasma with a facial

Melasma is caused by skin pigment changes in your skin’s layers, usually due to sun damage. The most effective way to treat this is by removing the damaged cells to allow your skin to replace them with new, healthier cells.

Adding one of our medical-grade facials to your regular skincare routine can help speed up your melasma treatment in Indianapolis.


HydraFacial is one of our gentlest skin treatments and is a great way to boost your skin’s overall health. We often recommend it to patients seeking a melasma laser treatment in Indianapolis because it helps nourish the skin between laser sessions.

With a 3-step patented process, the HydraFacial gently exfoliates and cleanses your skin. HydraFacial also has signature boosters that can address pigmentation issues. 

Learn more about HydraFacials


The DiamondGlow is very similar to a HydraFacial, but with one key difference: the diamond tip. This facial provides slightly more aggressive exfoliation while infusing your skin with nourishing serums.

Learn more about Diamond Glow

Chemical Peels

Chemical peels are a safe, customizable, and effective way to resurface your skin and lessen the appearance of melasma. Using a combination of glycolic acid, salicylic acid, and other ingredients, the peel gently removes the top layer of your skin and the damaged melasma cells.

Learn more about chemical peels

Book your consultation for a melasma facial in Indianapolis today!

Phases Skin Care and Laser Center is proud to provide the highest quality and the latest technology in non-surgical skin care. We are passionate about bringing non-surgical treatments that really work to our community.

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