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How to Get Smooth Skin in Carmel | 3 Tips for a Summer-Worthy Complexion

It’s that time of the year again! The birds are chirping, the trees are blooming, and summer is just around the corner ☀️🌷As our hibernation ends, it’s time to talk about how to get smooth skin for the new season!


Phases Skin Care & Laser Center is led by the renowned plastic surgeon, Dr. Janet Turkle. It is the sister company of Turkle & Associates and provides excellent, compassionate aesthetic care to Indianapolis and surrounding areas! So if you’re interested in learning how to get smooth skin for the summer, keep reading for our expert tips and tricks.

Switch to medical-grade skincare products

Unlike over-the-counter (OTC) ones, medical-grade skincare products are specially formulated and FDA-approved to help alleviate all kinds of skin concerns. Replacing a few of your OTC products with medical grade versions will give your skin the bill of health it needs to get its glow on.

Check out what one of our amazing medical aesthetician has to say about skincare products!

If you’re looking for a good product to start with, sunscreen is an especially important part of any skincare regimen, especially as summer approaches. 


An additional benefit of switching to medical-grade skincare products is that buying them often requires a consultation with a licensed medical aesthetician. At Phases, this consultation is quick, easy, and allows you and your provider to customize a treatment plan for the specific needs of your skin!

Boost your exfoliation game

During the winter, our skin goes through a hibernation of its own. The dry weather gives the complexion a dull, dry, and tired look. One way to wake the skin back up is to take your exfoliation to the next level.


In the weeks prior to the summer season, you should exfoliate 3–5 times a week, depending on your skin’s particular needs. Adding an exfoliant to your routine is a great way to shed dead skin cells and accumulated debris, and get your skin looking fresh for the summer. 

Get a laser treatment 

One of our absolute favorite ways to get smooth skin is with a skin resurfacing treatment. However, many laser treatments are not a viable option during the warmer months. Luckily, Laser Genesis is one of the best laser treatments in Carmel, and is accessible during any time of the month!


This laser treatment is a non-invasive method that activates the production of collagen, diminishes the signs of aging, and rejuvenates your appearance. Unlike other lasers, it does not target pigmentation, so this treatment can be done on people with dark skin tones and those with an existing tan.

Schedule a consultation

Ready to take your skincare to the next level and learn how to get smooth skin for the summer? At Phases Skin Care & Laser Center, our favorite part is the consultation. It allows us to truly get to know you and create a comprehensive treatment plan that addresses your unique concerns. Reach out to us today to schedule your one-on-one consultation, and get started on the process to gorgeous, glowing skin

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