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How much does a Halo laser treatment cost in Indiana?

We offer a variety of cost-effective bundling options for you to make the most out of your Halo laser treatment in Indianapolis. Listed below are our typical pricing options for various Halo laser treatments. If you have any additional questions about our pricing or about the Halo laser in general, feel free to contact our office and we’d be more than happy to help!

Full Face and Neck: $1400
Chest Only: $1400
Face, Neck, Chest: $2000

Full Face, package of 3 treatments: $3780
Chest Only, package of 3 treatments: $3780
Face, Neck & Chest, package of 3 treatments: $4908

When you purchase a package of Halo treatments, you’ll receive a complimentary post-care kit with all of the products you’ll need to quickly and successfully heal from your procedure. This kit includes an occlusive ointment (which may or may not be needed depending on the aggressiveness of your procedure), a gentle cleanser, hydrating serum, and a barrier-repair moisturizer.


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